What I love most about the writing community, is the support you get from complete strangers. Over the years, I’ve been part of many writing groups, and none were lacking in the support department. No matter where you are in the world–and no matter where you are in your writing career–you’ll always find others in the same place you are. There are always wonderful writers willing to take the journey with you–or writers willing to share their knowledge from the various paths they’ve chosen. At the end of the day, you always feel like you’re part of something bigger. And there’s no better feeling in the world!

Fellow Indie Author, Lex Martin, tagged me to join this week’s tour. Her debut novel, Dearest Clementine, was just released this past week and is sure to zoom to the top of the Best Seller’s List in no time!

Dearest Clementine

So, here’s how the tour works. I’ve got a few questions to answer for you, and then you’ll get to meet a few other authors who will join the tour next week!

1. What am I working on? At the moment, I’m in the middle of a mad-dash to get book 2 in The BirthRight Series, TEMPTED, out the door for its May 27th release. As much as I loved book 1, TETHERED, I must confess I love this book even more. I’m also in the middle of plotting out the details for book 3, which I’ll be starting in just a few weeks. So it’s a crazy, yet super exciting time.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre? The BirthRight Series is technically a New Adult Urban Fantasy, but since many readers assume NA means “steamy”, I usually market it towards a young adult audience, since there’s no naughty business going on–and because the series is full of positive messages for young girls. And as an added bonus, the series is loaded with “nice” guys, who actually know how to treat great girls. It’s been a while since I’ve read that.

But the main thing that makes this series so different from other YA and NA books, is the voice. My writing style is very organic and raw. As someone who once felt tortured to read books in school, I wanted to write my series in a way that would truly feel like someone you “know” is telling you the story…not a writer. I want my 1st person POV to feel like it’s your friend talking to you. To me, it gives it more intimacy, and makes it easier to connect with the person telling the story. So if I can get even a handful of teens to read my series, who would otherwise have no desire to pick up a book, then I would consider my job done.

Other writer’s and reviewers have criticized my “fresh and breezy” writing style, but it happens to be one of the very things my target audience enjoys the most. Is it for everyone? Absolutely not. But knowing there’s an audience I CAN connect with, regardless of the size, will keep me writing in this style for years to come.  

3. Why do I write what I do? Well, I write paranormal stories for one reason, and one reason only: because they tend to be the only type of books I enjoy reading myself. Yes, it’s sad, I know. I’m sure I miss out on thousands of amazing stories. But if there isn’t something magical–or supernatural going on–then I get distracted by anything that moves, or sparkles. Yes, kinda like an ADD squirrel!

4. How does my writing process work? Without a doubt, I’m a plotter. I have an unbelievably structured process to keep me on track. When I get a new book idea, I immediately start jotting down notes, but quickly turn it into an outline. And I absolutely have to write the story in the order things happen. I’ve tried jumping around to different parts of the book, but all that accomplishes is giving me a migraine. UGH!

I’ve also had bad experiences with crit partners, which only resulted in low self-esteem and not being able to write for a few years. In retrospect, as someone who writes “sweet” stories, I probably shouldn’t have paired up with critters who wrote erotica…lol. Great gals, but they weren’t the best people to properly critique my work. Nor I for them. I always felt like a fish-out-of-water when I read their steamy scenes. But I’m hopeful that one day I’ll be able to find crit partners who write in my genre. It would be amazing to have someone to collaborate with again. There’s nothing better than brainstorming ideas at 2am.

Well that’s it for me! But next week you can learn about a few other uber-talented, Indie Author friends of mine: one who’s sure to scare the bejesus out of you with his eerie tales; another whose sexy nerds will warm your heart; and finally, one who creates suspense that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!    


Born in a small town of the smallest state, Rhode Island, Joseph Mazzenga knew he was a writer by the third grade. When his creative simmer turned to an imaginative rage, he embarked on a voyage with no anchor and no horizon. He stepped aboard knowing that this journey will be for the rest of his days. He still looks to the stars to find his way. The navigation can be plodding but the bearing is clear.

Joe is now a full author, by way of children’s literature, Science Fiction, Non-fiction, and Urban Fantasy. Ever pursuing the itch he can’t possibly scratch, he is constantly stretching his boundaries, honing his craft, and fighting mortal enemies such as avoidance and procrastination at every turn. Whether it is a beloved stuffed seal, a hard-nosed orphan stuck on the raw streets of a future time, or a pre-apocalyptic vampire turned human, he is fantasy intermingling with the future.

Joe’s latest creation, MAD TALES, is available now at most online retailers.


Ana Brígida Gómez González de Bastow (Ana Bastow), is the 2008 Winner of the National Literary Award in the Dominican Republic, for her first solo book LA SIRENITA DE CORAL (The Coral Mermaid). Aside from being a writer, Ana likes to consider herself a professional fan. She loves Buffy, TBBT, Harry Potter, Twilight, Angel, Xena, X-Files, Dark Angel, Star Trek, Fairy Tales, LOTR, Star Wars, X-Men, Superman, Pushing Daisies, Invader Zim, The Tick, The Guild, and Platinum Grit. As you can see, she’s an equal opportunity lover. If she likes it, she likes it A LOT, regardless of how big/popular/hated the story is.

HYPOTHESIS, the first book of The Hekapolis Trilogy, is Ana’s debut novel in English. She hopes she can bring others as much joy with her books, as she’s received from so many creators over the years. She currently lives with her husband and firstborn son in San Bernardino County, Southern California, USA.      

Vincent Morrone

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Vincent Morrone now resides in Upstate NY with his wife. (Although he can still speak fluent Brooklynese.) His twin daughters remain not only his biggest fans, but usually are the first to read all of his work. Their home is run and operated for the comfort and convenience of their dogs. Vincent has been writing fiction, poetry and song lyrics for as long as he can remember, most of which involve magical misfits, paranormal prodigies and even on occasion superheroes and their sidekicks.


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